29 Jul

President Biden has shown how little respect he has for the American people and the rule of law. He has filed a lawsuit to overturn the election protection laws in conservative States and place all State elections under federal control, in open violation of the Constitution which gives control of elections to the States. It would open their elections and allow anybody to vote that wants to, regardless of whether they are eligible, and allow them to vote as many times as they want to. If would also allow candidates to change the election results if they don’t win. He has been pushing H.B. 1 and S. 1 through Congress but cannot even get everyone in his party to vote for it, so he has turned to corrupt liberal judges who are not elected by the people to force his will on the American people, just as they did with abortion and Gay privileges. If he wins the lawsuit, it will give him and his party unlimited control of the elections and ensure they stay in office for years to come. It will create the same situation throughout the country, that exists in many of our larger cities and those States currently controlled by liberals. It allowed the counting of thousands of ballots with no identifying information that showed up after the polls closed. It also resulted in numerous States reporting more votes cast than eligible voters.  A number of incidents were detected in the 2020 election, however the current administration has refused to investigate them and has fought attempts to audit the election results.



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