29 Jul

The Biden Administration plans to control of up to 30% of America’s land by 2030, removing it from any productive use. In addition, they plan to extend federal control over land use in large portions of the remaining land to protect the environment and prevent a climate crisis. They plan to do this while opening our borders. It is estimated that as many as a million illegal immigrants have entered the United States since Joe Biden became President on January 20th. It is hard to justify taking large amounts of land out of production while flooding the country with large numbers of people. It is a recipe for disaster. While they say it is necessary to take the land out of production to restore the balance of nature and population, and prevent overuse of the land, it will severely cripple the country’s ability to provide food and jobs for its people and the large number of illegal immigrants flowing into the country. If they want to reduce land use, they need to curb the inflow of illegal immigrants. They can not reduce the land use while increasing the population. It continues to show that they have no unified policy but support a wide variety of conflicting goals.


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