19 Jul
We are reaching a real financial crisis due to Covid. Many businesses were closed for so long because of 
the virus. Now that they are opening, they cannot get enough workers. Many people are making more on 
unemployment because of the Covid bonus, than they made while they were working. Many don’t want to go 
back to work because they will have to take a sizable drop in income. Many businesses are having to cut 
back hours or services or both. Many businesses are even closing because they cannot get enough workers. 
Some conservative States have started refusing the federal subsidy for unemployment and dropping their 
benefits down to pre-Covid levels. As a result, employment is rapidly increasing in those States, while 
those States that still pay the Covid bonus are continuing to experience low employment. The longer people
 receive government support, the less likely they will want to work. That has been the problem with our
welfare system for so long. They have tried to fix it to encourage people to work but three generations 
have lived off government subsidy and don’t want to have to work for a living. 

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