18 Jul

A-AV  I was struck by how things have not changed in 150 years. Liberals feel the average person is not capable of running their life and need guidance and protection from a strong government. In the early 1800’s, those same people said that slaves were better off on plantations because they were not capable of taking care of themselves. They needed the guidance and protection of the slave owner. They feel they are better than everyone else and know what people need, even if the people don’t want what they are offering. For instance, while the majority of people in the United States oppose abortion, liberals continue to push for free abortion paid for by the taxpayer because they feel we need it. They continue to sabotage democracy through high taxes and heavy regulation to convince people that capitalism is a failure and a strong socialist government is needed to solve all our problems. Schools are moving from educating children to think for themselves to indoctrinating them to think the teacher knows everything and they should accept what they are taught without questioning it. The media is pushing its agenda and censoring their opponents so the public only hears one side of the story. The Constitution is based on the idea that no one alone is capable of ruling themselves and absolutely no one is capable of running the lives of others. It is only people that seek God’s guidance, who are capable of ruling themselves. History continues to show that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Any politician that says he knows better than you how to run your life should be voted out of office immediately, because he is lying and is intent on stealing your freedom and your property.


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