18 Jul

The framers of the Constitution did not think about term limits because those who served had to take time out from their private lives to serve for minimal pay. It was seen as a burden that was undertaken reluctantly and temporarily to serve the country before returning to their private life. It has become to many, a career that they use to milk the country for what they can get. Many have become insanely rich through the perks that they receive while serving. That is why they hated President Trump so much. He took no pay and in spite of what they said about him, he put the country before his own private ambitions. Congress put term limits on the President to prevent any President from becoming too powerful. Now it is time to do the same with Congress. Congress will probably not do it on their own so the people will probably have to get an amendment to the Constitution enacted by the States. In the meantime, voters can limit their power by voting them out of office after two terms. That will prevent them from gaining too much power and will force them to live under the laws they enact. It will also go a long way in reducing the national debt with the money saved from Congressional pensions.


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