Social Strife-2-G

15 Jul

I find it interesting how difficult it is for some people to connect the dots. Liberals are repealing laws designed to protect homeowners who are protecting their family and their homes, they want to take away your guns so you can’t protect yourself, and they want to defund the police so there will be less police to defend you. This hurts minorities the most since the cities pull police out of minority areas to avoid conflict. Liberal politicians tell the police not to interfere with rioters and mobilize the media against police pressuring the courts to convict police to avoid further rioting whether the officers are guilty or not. As a result, police are afraid to enter situations that may be used against them and avoid potentially dangerous situations. That encourages rioters to attack police since they know the police either aren’t allowed to fight back, or are afraid to. In addition, liberal courts let criminals off with very little punishment, so it becomes easier to commit crimes without fear of being caught or being punished. That makes you an easy target for crime and assault. In fact, crime and murders have skyrocketed in areas controlled by liberals because criminals know that they are less likely to be caught or prosecuted. Yet the voters continue to vote these people back into office. Is it really that hard to see what direction things are headed? As another round of elections comes up, maybe it is time for a change.



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