Sixth Sunday of Pentecost-June 27

27 Jun

 Engage the Community Unfortunately, many church members today isolate themselves from those outside the church and unbelievers have no opportunity to get to know them. Many Christians organize their life around church and have very little social contact with those outside the church. They often distance themselves from those they have contact with and have little social contact with them. Where people used to live close to work and socialize outside work, many people now travel long distances to work and have no social contact with co-workers outside church. Believers must develop ways to connect with unbelievers. The best way to connect with unbelievers is through meeting the needs of those around you through Christian service. When members belong to a congregation of spirit-filled believers, they learn to recognize each other’s needs and minister to them. Their experience also enables  them to recognize needs in those outside the church and minister to them. However, if members do not learn to recognize needs and minister to them in the church, they will not recognize needs in those outside the church and know how to minister to them. There are also many Christian Social Service organizations that provide opportunity to minister to those around them. Many organizations provide training as well.   


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