12 Oct

(Sorry, I missed this Oct 28) The Feast of Tabernacles (Booths)-A It occurs seven days after the Day of Atonement-(five days after Yom Kippur) and lasts a week. It is a time when the Jews build crude huts or booths to dwell in. It is a time of remembering when the Jews wandered in the wilderness, lived in booths, and were dependent on God. It occurred during the harvest festival when the workers lived in booths near the field and moved them as the harvest moved from field to field. God warned them that when they entered the land of Canaan and experienced the plenty of the land that they should not forget their dependence on God and dwelling in booths would remind them of His provision. Indeed, in our time of plenty, we have lost our appreciation for all God has provided us and think our hand alone has provided this. We forget we are dependent on God for all we have, including the very air we breathe.


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