Yom Kippur-September 28

28 Sep

The Tribulation will bring forth the final harvest. Israel had two rainy seasons and so had two growing seasons, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Yom Kippur celebrated the Final Harvest of the year but looked forward to the end of time. During the Tribulation, the earth will be tried by fire, flood, and pestilence and people will be forced to choose between God and the ruler of this world. The trials we face now are but a foretaste of what is to come. Jesus says it will be like child-birth. The pains will become more intense and closer together until the final supreme effort brings forth the birth of a new life. During that time, people will either turn to God or to man for relief. That choice will choose their destiny for eternity. During the Tribulation, those that turn to God will be the last harvest of souls. Once the tribulation ends, the fate of those who went through it will be sealed for eternity. All who believed in God will spend eternity with Him and those who rejected Him will spend eternity in Hell.



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