The Final Harvest-B

13 Sep

The song states “These are the Days of Elisha” declaring the Word of the Lord. Elisha was a prophet during a great struggle between the worship of God and the worship of Baal who promoted sexual license and child sacrifice (like liberalism today). He saw the coming of the Lord (way in the future) and called people to return to God and live a life pleasing to God in preparation for His coming. He performed many miracles and was highly revered by the Jews. He promised that one day God would return to deliver them from their enemies. Many Jews felt God would accept them because they worshiped in the temple and made sacrifices, but they did not obey God’s Word. The Word predicted that Elisha would return before the great and mighty day of the Lords return. However, Elisha means “God with Us” and Christ fulfilled that as the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. Today, we face a similar threat from liberalism that threatens God’s people and many Christians are turning to liberalism for deliverance. Today, the Word of God is being proclaimed by a few and calling people to return to the righteousness of God so He might deliver them from their enemies when He comes, but like in the days of Elisha, few listen. Many feel they are Christians because they attend church and pay their tithes, but they do not obey God’s Word.



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