29 Jul

Schools are seeing an increasing drop out rate, especially among boys since they have switched from teaching children to think for themselves to learning by memorization. Children respond to challenges but schools do not challenge kids much anymore. Spelling bees and other contests appeal to children’s competitiveness and spur them to learn but are fast disappearing from our schools. Boys are increasingly turning to sports as a way to satisfy their urge to compete but sports hold very little future for all but the best athletes. For the rest, it is a dead end. As a result, an increasing number of boys are dropping out of school mentally, if not physically. Many children today are being led to accept liberal ideas because they are fed a constant diet of it in school and the media, while the church is silent and doesn’t teach them the truth. Churches need to teach children to examine both sides and make intelligent decisions rather than just following the crowd. In addition, it needs to teach Christian values they may not get at home or in school.


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