29 Jul

As schools seek to deal with the epidemic, many are going to online and home study. Some have the kids in school two days and home the rest of the time or may have home study full time. Many went to that in the Spring and it was a disaster. Many kids have no place to study at home free of distractions. Parents may be working and they may have problems getting a babysitter. Churches can help out by providing a place for the kids to study. Schools may send lessons home by E-mail but students may not have computers at home to receive them. Churches can have the lessons sent to the church and it can print off the materials for the kids to study. Many schools are canceling buses and leaving many parents without transportation for their kids. Churches with buses can help with transportation. Even if schools go back to full time, many students have gotten behind and may need tutoring. Churches can provide after school study areas with volunteers available to help with homework.


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