24 Jul

2-V People vote according to their values whether they consciously think about it or not. I find it hard to figure out why people trust their life to someone trying to force taxpayers to pay for the killing of babies and allow doctors to kill those who they do not feel are worth keeping alive, rather than someone fighting to protect unborn babies. I find it hard to believe that someone who believes in justice would vote for someone who openly ignores the Supreme Court, the Constitution, the laws of the land, and the rights of American citizens and makes laws from the court bench in violation of the Constitution over someone who has openly fought to root out corruption and restore the integrity of our courts by appointing judges who have dedicated themselves to obey the Constitution and the laws of the land. I find it hard to believe that people believe that electing officials who will take away their guns so they can’t protect themselves and defunding our police will promote peace and tranquility in our cities. New York City and Chicago, as well as California, and other States controlled by liberals have shown what taking guns from innocent citizens and tying the hands of the police will do. Those areas have seen an explosion of violence and lawlessness. I find it hard to figure out why people feel that education will improve if you teach students unsubstantiated theories without question and expect them to obey without consequences for violating the rights of others over education that teaches kids to look at both sides of the question and decide on the best course of action and to teach children that actions have consequences. I find it hard to believe that people will feel more confident that their vote will be counted if they vote for someone who voted to strip away all safeguards that protect our voting system, as the very first bill they passed after gaining control of the House. Fortunately, it was voted down in the Senate, but it will be passed if liberals gain control of the Senate as well. Fraud is already widespread in areas controlled by liberals who have already removed those safeguards at the State and local level. Do we want that fraud extended nationwide? When you vote in November, you will not only be voting for the candidate, you will be voting for the bills he will pass in Congress, if he is elected. By voting for him, you are accepting responsibility for the bills he will pass, because you helped elect him.

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