20 Jul

Democrats are pushing for nationwide voting by mail and have already instituted it in a number of States they control. While they claim it is due to the threat of the coronavirus, they were pushing it long before the epidemic appeared. Mail-in ballots do not allow any way to verify if the person voting is who they say they are. A political party could simply print additional ballots and substitute their own for those they intercepted. One mail worker has already been indicted for intercepting and withholding ballots and it is fairly easy since ballots are easily identified. It was not known whether it would have changed the results of the primary or not but it could have. New Jersey reported that one out of ten mail-in ballots received were labeled questionable. California reported that a large number of mail-in ballots were not returned but did not investigate to see whether they were lost, stolen, or simply not returned. Joe Biden has been pushing the narrative that there is likely to be interference in this year’s election but has not said anything about possible voter fraud.

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