12 Jul

President Obama made the need for better medical care for everyone a top priority, but the debate got lost in the rising prosperity under President Trump. However, the current epidemic has pushed it to the front again. What is the best way to provide it?
3-A-Medical Care Crisis-A-The Problem What is the problem and how to solve it.
3-B-Medical Care Crisis-B-Government Solutions-The danger of government solutions

Many people are confused by the political situation today but don’t realize that truth and the value of possessions means different things to different people. I have just released new manuscripts in the Christian Values series
D-What is Truth?-Is there more than one kind of truth?
EA- Value of Possessions-A-Whose is it? Posssession is 9/10ths of the law, or is it?
EB-Value of Possessions-B-Power Corrupts-The difference an unhealthy view of possessions makes.


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