Social Strife-N

25 Jun

Liberals want us to believe the rioting is all a race problem but race is just a trigger mechanism. I saw this in the 1960’s when I worked in the inner-city and it is playing out today. While the organizers claim to be protesting the killing of a Black man by police officers, they may have other motives. Publicizing the killing the way the media has, stirs up the underlying anger against a system many Blacks feel prevents them from getting out of poverty. Organizers set off the burning and looting leading many residents to join them to take out their anger on local businesses. A lot of the anger was directed against Black businesses. I worked with a group of Blacks teens in the inner-city and we got along fine. There was a Black man working there and they hated him with a passion. They called him a “whitey” because he had succeeded financially and looked down on them as inferior because they were poor. Many of the rioters felt such anger against neighborhood businesses and the rioting gave them an outlet for their anger. They began attacking local Black-owned stores which hurt Blacks by destroying their livelihoods and destroyed the jobs of Blacks who worked for them. It also destroyed stores near where they live, which hurt them because many lacked transportation. Once the rioting got started, many rioters turned to more profitable White-owned stores. The same has played out in more recent riots.



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