Social Strife-L

25 Jun

Baltimore has been under attack because it has so many unsolved murders. They have since increased the number of investigators and made some progress. Liberals want to defund police and reduce police presence, but it took more money and more police presence to help the problem. Liberals want to protest and create increased fear and suspicion of police which only makes the problem worse. In areas where people are suspicious of police, witnesses often do not come forward to testify because of fear and suspicion of police. Police need community help to solve crimes. Several years ago, my parents lived in a Black neighborhood and although they were White, they got along well with all their neighbors. One day two Black guys from the neighborhood broke into their home and beat them almost to death, leaving no clues to their identity. Fortunately, my parents survived, but were left severely homebound. The Black community was outraged that anyone would do that in their neighborhood and put out the word that if anyone knew who did it, to turn them in. Both men were in jail within 48 hours. The people got along well with the police. If they had been suspicious of police, it would have been just one more unsolved crime.



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