06 Feb

School officials continue to express strong opposition to school choice while parents are eagerly supportive of it. School officials have a vested interest in protecting the money they receive and the control they have over public education, yet parents have a vested interest in seeing that their children get the best possible education. School officials complain that they have to pay out more for students going to private schools than they get from the State, yet they don’t mention the fact that the extra money is from taxes paid by residents of the school district, many of whom are the parents of the kids getting the vouchers. That is money taxpayers pay in which is not available to private schools. I don’t have any recent figures but years ago when I researched it, the public schools were not paying the private schools the full amount they received in taxes for each students so they were actually still getting some money for the students that weren’t attending their schools. The money paid by taxpayers is for educating the children of the district and some children should not be denied that money simply because their parents feel their children will benefit more from another school.

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