30 Jan

Unions are continuing to push for laws to extend their power over government and businesses and are working to repeal laws that protect worker’s rights. In many government offices, you have to belong to the union or you can’t work there. Thus, workers are forced to join the union in order to get a job, even though they do not agree with union positions. In other government offices, workers who don’t belong to the union still have to pay union dues even though they do not receive any benefits from the union. Either way, their union dues go to support huge lobbying efforts for many issues, such as abortion, that have nothing to do with employment. The unions use their huge membership to scare legislators into supporting issues which the unions support under the pretense that their members support those causes in spite of the fact that many do not. In addition, they spend large sums of money collected by coercion from their membership to support candidates who will support union causes. People should have a right to work even if they don’t support abortion and Gay rights and should not be forced to support causes that they oppose.

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