Sanctity of Life-B-I

12 Jan

Liberals continue to blame Right To Life supporters for the growing random shootings and especially for the killings recently at the Planned Parenthood clinic, however, they have no one to blame but themselves. Telling people that all killing is wrong and we should love each other and care for each other will not drive someone to random killings, nor will it drive someone to violently attack an abortion clinic. By changing the law to say that it is alright to kill those who get in your way, it leads people to feel that since its legal it must be right. Once you open the door and say it is alright to kill someone who gets in their way or inconveniences them, it is only a matter of defining who it is that is getting in your way and inconveniencing you. In fact, someone wanting a family may accept the message of Planned Parenthood, but feel Planned Parenthood is getting in their way. We see the evidence in the growing problem of road rage. We are increasingly hearing where someone cuts someone else off and the offended person pulls out a gun and starts shooting, or attacks them with their car. We need to continue getting the message out that all killing is wrong and that we should forgive others as God has forgiven us.


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