Sanctity of Life-B-H

11 Jan

In January, 1973, the Supreme Court declared that it could not tell when a baby became human and therefore the courts could no longer protect the baby in the womb. It wiped out all laws protecting the unborn since the courts could no longer enforce them. It not only opened the way for the killing of millions of babies because they were an inconvenience to the mother, it also had far reaching effects on our American values. It declared to society that you can get rid of an unborn baby if it gets in the way of your happiness. While the court limited its decision to unborn babies, that value has spread to babies outside the womb and even to young children. A mother who has aborted a baby may feel that she would also like to get rid of her kids who keep her from being happy and, in a fit of frustration, may act on her feelings without thinking resulting in untold injury and death to children.


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