11 Jan

We are beginning a new round of primary elections to determine who will be the President for the next four years. The media is hammering away at the impeachment issue in order to turn voters away from President Trump but have not offered any information on how candidates stand on the issues. They are hoping to distract voters from the issues because the issues they push are those opposed by a majority of voters. In fact, most people I talk to have tuned out most of what politicians and the media are saying. They feel both are out of touch with the American people. A small but increasing number of voters are becoming concerned about politicians who do not listen to the voters and Supreme Court justices who overturn votes by the people, but most have no idea what to do about them. President Trump has shown that there are still some who support the value of life and the rule of law and the American people elected him for that reason. He has accomplished a great deal with what limited power he has, but it will be difficult for him to accomplish much more without the support of Congress. Therefore it is vital that voters vote in politicians that will help him. Voters must show the parties that they support the value of life and the rule of law by their vote in the primaries or we will end up with liberal candidates who oppose our values and face the choice of voting for a liberal candidate that opposes your values or not voting which would help elect them anyway.


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