09 Jan

To grant them citizenship without going through the normal channels says that it is alright to commit a crime (cross the border illegally) as long as you do it in sufficient numbers. They should go through legal channels and apply for citizenship like anyone else. It is just one more instance where liberal politicians are saying that laws don’t matter as long as they serve their own self-interest. Another issue concerning leaving the borders open is that it allows Hispanics to cross the border without registering. As Democrats move to ease election laws allowing for increased voter fraud, it will be easier to register illegal immigrants and have them vote illegally. In fact, studies of jury selection records in Virginia have shown that thousands of people who were registered to vote were rejected for jury duty because they were not U.S. citizens. Studies of those rejected show that many of them voted. In California, millions of illegal immigrants were found to be registered to vote and many voted. That is only two States. When you consider how many may have voted illegally in all 50 States, you are looking at a large number of illegal votes, possibly enough to throw a close election.


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