09 Jan

Immigration has risen to the front but there is very little factual information being supplied by the media. We need immigration to supply workers for jobs Americans don’t want but blanket amnesty is not the way to go. Crossing the border without getting caught should not be the only criteria for citizenship. President Obama sought to weaken our border defenses and open our borders to encourage people from Mexico to flock to the US and promised to give them amnesty so they would vote for him, with no thought in regard to protecting Americans. There are already hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens within our borders. Promising amnesty to those who were here illegally won their gratitude and possibly their vote in the 2008 and 2012 elections (if they were one of those voting illegally), in addition to the gratitude and votes of hundreds of thousands of their relatives who are here legally and were eligible to vote. That many votes could have had a big impact on those elections and could have resulted in President Obama winning. Its effect was evident in the 2016 election where Hillary Clinton would have lost the popular vote without a lead of several million votes in California which has a huge population of Hispanic citizens and large numbers of illegal Hispanics. However, we also need to look at other consequences of such a policy.



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