11 Nov

Censorship has been a growing problem experienced by conservatives willing to challenge the liberal propaganda. Facebook has been harassing conservatives that get too big a following. They have been limiting us because we are getting so many friend requests. While I understand they don’t want people soliciting requests, over 90% of our requests are from people who heard about us by word of mouth. We have been getting 20-30 new requests a day since May but Facebook has been limiting us to accepting a total of no more than 20 a day so we have built a large backlog of requests. Thursday night Facebook cut off new requests. We haven’t got any since then and we cannot access the backlogged ones to approve them. We don’t know if they won’t let people make requests or just are not notifying us that requests have been made. We are nowhere near the 5000 limit so that isn’t the problem. We don’t know how long

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