13 Oct

Freedom of belief Democrat controlled areas have openly harassed Christian businesses, forcing them to violate their conscience  (Gay & abortion). Under Obama, the IRS targeted Christian organizations withholding applications from non-profit organizations. In addition, President Obama increased pressure on schools to teach Islam and pro-Gay curriculum and suppressed Christian and other conservative teachings. President Trump was able to push through the nomination of a conservative judge to the Supreme Court who has helped reverse some former pro-Gay and pro-abortion decisions by the Supreme Court and overturn liberal lower court decisions targeting Christians. Yet a Democratic Colorado judge is ignoring the Supreme Court decision and again attacking the baker who would not bake a cake for a Gay wedding. Federal judges are appointed for life and many judges appointed by President Obama while he was in office are still on the bench and President Trump can’t remove them. President Trump has also been able to push through nominations of several lower federal court judges but Democrats have seriously delayed approval of a lot of others, leaving many court positions vacant. Their cases are being handled by nearby judges but many of them were appointed by President Obama.


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