13 Oct

Free enterprise Democrats have been huge supporters of government regulation of business all the way from clean air standards to protecting the environment with little thought to how much the regulations will help compared to how many jobs will be lost or the extra cost. Clean air standards enacted by President Obama were expected to add considerable cost to building cars yet have almost no effect on reducing pollution. President Obama enacted more regulations on business than any other President before him, placing heavy burdens and costs on businesses and causing many businesses to cut back their workforce, causing an increase in unemployment and a downturn in the economy. In addition, President Obama signed the U.N. treaty on global environment while in office, which placed excessive new demands on the U.S. to cut pollution even though the majority of global pollution comes from China and India which have growing industrialization, but still rely on fossil fuels and their cars do not have the sophisticated pollution control equipment required in U.S. cars. Even though China and India create the majority of the pollution, the treaty made no demands on them to cut pollution. President Trump has since repealed many of the regulations former President Obama enacted and freed up the economy allowing industrial expansion and a great many new jobs. In addition, he pulled the U.S. out of the U.N. treaty on global environment, releasing the U.S. from its excessive and unwarranted demands.


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