11 Oct

It is not strange that a large number of illegal immigrants are found on the voter registration rolls in States that allow online and mail registration since it doesn’t allow face to face verification of identity. It is also not surprising that many of them might vote in States that also do not require voter ID’s at the polls. Further problems arise when States do not verify citizenship before issuing driver’s licenses. California recently enacted a law which will automatically register you to vote when you get a driver’s license or renew one unless you opt out. Since California also has enacted a law allowing people to get driver’s licenses without verifying citizenship, it means that up to a million illegal immigrants in California could become registered to vote. A review of Pennsylvania’s voter roles have shown over 100,000 non-citizens registered to vote. Pennsylvania also allows you to register to vote when you renew your driver’s license. There was no check to see how many have voted but it isn’t hard to think that a lot of them probably did since it is unlikely they would register to vote if they did not intend to vote, unless someone signed them up to vote, knowing they would not vote, so their names could be used to allow someone else to vote illegally.  


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