11 Oct

President Obama had filed a law suit against Ohio and several other States to prevent them from cleaning up their rolls so Ohio appealed it to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ruled that Ohio did not violate federal laws in cleaning up its voter rolls by removing the names of those who had not voted for several years. While it did say not voting alone was not an acceptable reason for removing them, since Ohio seeks to contact the person and if after notification the person still doesn’t vote, then it is permissible to remove them. Six other States have similar laws which means 43 States do not have laws protecting the integrity of their voting by removing those who do not vote. President Trump tried to get all States to clean up their rolls but States controlled by Democrats blocked it. Judge Alito in the majority opinion stated that about 1 in 8 voter registrations are invalid or inaccurate allowing people to use those names fraudulently. It is not strange that dead people and those people voting in multiple States usually vote for Democratic candidates since Democrats are the ones fighting to keep these names on the rolls.

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