03 Oct

Respect for Life and the Rule of Law cont.  Republicans on the other hand, generally support life, liberty, and the freedom to pursue happiness. Many representatives are pro-life and support pro-life legislation to protect both the unborn child and their mothers. Many Judges believe in the rule of law and restrict themselves to interpreting the Constitution and the laws of the land rather than enacting legislation through judicial decisions. They also support laws protecting voting from fraud. They also believe is an economy free from as much government interference as possible and seek to lower taxes that strangle the economy, allowing citizens to control as much of their income as possible. Unlike Democrats, they are not controlled by big money organizations, they are more depend on voter support for campaign funds. As a result, they are more responsive to voter wishes. However, it is very important to let them know what you want and monitor them to see that they vote that way or they can become controlling as well. Since they don’t control their members, there are liberal Republicans as well as conservative ones so it is important in the primaries to elect politicians who will respect your values. With the balance of power so tight, it is critical to study the candidate’s voting record and vote in politicians who will respect your views and beliefs.




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