03 Oct

Respect for Life and the Rule of Law– In the Bible, God says He sets before us life and death and urges us to choose life (Deu 30:19). As the Democratic party gets more radical, the parties are becoming more polarized with every election. The Democratic Party leadership has sold out to Planned Parenthood, Gay rights activists, and other liberal organizations and wealthy individuals. They not only fight any attempt to enact legislation protecting the unborn, they also fight any attempt to enact legislation protecting the mother. While they claim the baby isn’t human yet and shouldn’t be protected because we can’t see it with the naked eye, they have no such excuse for opposing legislation protecting the mother. In addition, while they strongly support abortion, they also support assisted suicide and killing the aged and severely ill. Though liberals soft pedal them in America where they are not widely accepted yet, they strongly push them in Europe and Canada. Several Democratic leaders have publicly stated that pro-life people have no place in the Democratic party. Though some Democratic congressmen claim to be pro-life, they are still forced to vote for abortion when a bill comes up. In addition, to supporting killing unwanted individuals, they also seek to overturn the rule of law in this country. Liberal judges overturn pro-life legislation and bar restrictions on abortions without any legal grounds, solely because of Planned Parenthood funds that support their election campaigns. In addition, they support Gay privileges with no legal authority to do so because of funds they receive from Gay Rights organizations. They feel they know better than voters what is best for them. They feel their judges and politicians should determine what is best for the American people, regardless of what the American people want.



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