Sanctity of Life-A-3-C

29 Sep

It is shameful how Planned Parenthood is coming out about the Kavanaugh hearing saying they stand behind these women who say they were raped and support them. Every day they get women who are being trafficed, who are brought in by their pimps. They abort the babies and send the women back to their pimps to continue being trafficed, when they could report them and get these girls off the streets. Every day they get young girls who have been raped and brought in by their rapists. Planned Parenthood workers tell the girls not to tell them they have been raped or are under age because then the worker’s would be required by law to report the rape and they don’t want to do that, they want to take the rapist’s money, abort the evidence, and send these girls back to the rapist so he can continue to rape them and hopefully bring them more business when the girls get pregnant in the future. Some girls said they had three or more abortions before they turned 18 but Planned Parenthood never reported them.



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