11 Sep

I have found there are several major differences between liberals and conservatives and I will be laying these out in more detail in the coming weeks. These basic beliefs are essential to democracy and there are clear differences between liberal thoughts on them and conservative thoughts. Liberals have tried to force the issue and make everyone choose sides. You are either with them or you are their enemy and if you don’t agree with them, they will do whatever they need to do to destroy you. They know that the vast majority in America do not accept their agenda so they don’t even bother to tell you what it is. They seek to gain power by buying your vote through social welfare programs or destroying their opponents by discrediting them with false or petty accusations. The left is so aggressive in laying down a smoke screen of accusations, rather than debate the issues, it is hard to know where they stand, though there are clues if you look hard enough. If a candidate engages in major mud sling but refuses to debate the issues, it is an indication you probably don’t want to vote for him. It is therefore important for voters to look at their record. Liberal politicians don’t want to go on record as supporting something the voters don’t want, like Abortion and Gay rights, so liberals have pushed their agenda through rulings by liberal judges who legislate from the bench. Conservatives have fought back by trying to push bills through Congress limiting judicial power but liberals have tried to tie the  bills up in committee or delay a vote on them to prevent a vote on them. Once a bill comes up for a vote, they  have to take a stand on it. Once they vote, you know where they stand, its in the public record.



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