Rosh Hashanah-A

07 Sep

Rosh Hashanah-A Rosh Hashanah is the third celebration that God commanded every Jew to participate in and like Passover and Pentecost, it foretells coming events. It is determined by the Jewish calendar and usually occurs in our September or early October and celebrates the Jewish New Year. Though it is an important Jewish holiday, it is practically forgotten in Christian circles today. Originally the beginning of the Jewish calendar, it was replaced by Passover as the beginning of the Jewish year when the Israelites fled Egypt and God told them to count the days from the day they left Egypt. It is thought to be the day the universe was created and foretells the day that Christ will return and restore the world. It begins with the sound of the trumpet and God opens the books and rewards the good. It predicts the Final Days when the trumpet shall sound, God will open the books, and those in Christ shall rise to meet Him in the air.


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