Second Sunday of Kingdomtide-Sept 9

07 Sep

Growing in faith by watching While few new converts are coming into the church this is vitally important today when so few churches teach members how to live a life pleasing to Christ. Many members who transfer in from other churches where they were members for many years come with very little spiritual depth. As a result, I was asked to develop the series “In The World But Not of It”. Surrendering to Christ does not automatically bestow maturity in Christ. When we are born again, we are like babies in the faith and must grow to maturity. Children learn by observing adults and copying the way they do things. In the same way, new Christians need to observe more mature Christians in action. It is very hard to explain in a sermon or Sunday School class how to love others or to humble ourselves. It must be learned by watching others who are more spiritually mature, as they live out their faith day by day and interacting with them, however few churches today have the close relationships needed to help new Christians grow in Christ. In addition, many church leaders today are chosen for their financial management skills and popularity rather than their Christian maturity and new Christians have few mature Christians to learn from.


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