Twelfth Sunday of Pentecost-Aug 5

10 Aug

Neighborhood Children’s Bible Clubs- You can start one by holding a neighborhood VBS, driveway basketball games, or backyard activities. You reach more kids since many kids can not attend VBS if it is at your church because their parents can not bring them or don’t want to. Kids in the neighborhood can walk to it and probably know the other kids there. Church members can host it and trained teachers can teach it. With families having fewer children and becoming more isolated, children have little to do but watch TV and play video games. Many are glad to participate in neighborhood Bible Clubs. With organized activities, children are less likely to run the neighborhood and get into trouble. Many parents want their kids to go to Sunday School even though they may not go to church and may begin attending your church if their kids want to attend your Sunday School and they know someone from their neighborhood attends


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