10 Aug

Welfare reform limited the number of years women could be on welfare, which cut the cost of welfare but tossed the women out at the end to rely on their own resources. Many had no experience and could get only part-time low-paying jobs, if any. Most of those able to find work are only one step away from homelessness. The slightest illness or job loss quickly adds them to the rolls of the homeless. While subsidized housing has helped some, the units available are way too few. In addition, it added a large number of single men who are divorced or have left a string of girlfriends with illegitimate children to the list of drug addicts and alcoholics. Such men choose to be homeless because their income would be siphoned off for child support if they were to get a stable job or address. The current economic crisis has also added large numbers of stable families to the list of homeless due to loss of employment.



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