10 Aug

A great deal of the control of the schools lies with the school boards. Many school boards are intimidated by threats of loss of federal funds to accept federal guidelines. Funding is very important to them. Without funding, they can’t run the schools so that may have to be the way that voters make their feelings known. There are two avenues open to voters. The community currently funds the public schools but if parents don’t like what the schools do, they have no alternative unless they can afford to send their kids to private schools or home school them. Many can not afford it. That allows the government to control what your kids learn. Many conservative parents have tried to convince their school board to back off from liberal policies but have been unsuccessful. Some have had to resort to forcing a vote to cut off funds to the schools until the school board agrees to cooperate or recall the school board members, but are rarely successful. That seems pretty extreme but voters in some school districts have found it necessary because school board members seem to think they can do what they want and forget who pays the bills. The other alternative is to issue every child a voucher that their parents can take to the school of their choice. With vouchers, parents could choose the school they feel is best for their kids. There are some who object to a universal voucher system and I have dealt with the subject extensively in previous posts, yet the voucher system has been very successful wherever it has been tried.

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