10 Aug

Many parents who are upset with what liberal policies have already imposed on our public schools, have chosen to send their kids to private schools, if they can afford them, or home school them to avoid the liberal teaching in public schools. However, the teacher’s unions are trying to get the “Common Core Curriculum” established by President Obama to apply to all curriculum, including those used by private schools and home school parents. It would control what you teach your children when you home school them as much as it does when the public schools teach them. You could not opt out. Teaching that life matters, that the family is important, and that Constitutional government is the best government, would not be allowed, even in church based schools and home schools. Government has taken over dictating what is taught in the schools and is way out of hand. It is bad enough when the government controls what is taught in the public schools, but it has no right to control the private schools as well. It is time to return control of our schools to the parents and the voters who pay for them. Contact your State and federal legislators and demand that the government return control of our schools to those who pay for them and contact your friends and neighbors and urge them to do so as well. 

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