04 Aug

Many people think of the homeless as chronic drunks and bag ladies drifting about but many of the homeless are not chronic homeless. Many find themselves suddenly homeless and need help to recover. There are many people who make barely enough to handle day to day expenses and when the car breaks down, it may drain money needed for rent or a severe illness or loss of job may cause them to be off work for a prolonged time. As a result, they cannot pay the rent and are evicted. Others may find that the landlord has sold their apartment and the new landlord evicts them so he can remodel the apartment. They often have no reserves to handle the sudden expense of car repairs or medical expenses and have no funds to cover the rent and utility deposits needed to move into a new place.  I am reminded of one lady who was referred to me for help. She had lost her apartment and though she found another, it would be a couple weeks before the current occupants moved out and then it had to be cleaned so it would be several weeks before she could move in. She had no relatives who could help so she had to move into a motel. However, the cost of a motel is far more expensive than rent and her money soon ran out, leaving her no choice but to turn to the Findlay City Mission to stay until the apartment became available. Once the apartment was available, they asked me for help finding someone to help her move in. 



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