Sanctity of LIfe-A-4-E

04 Aug

While those supporting abortion say they are trying to protect women, recent reports indicate that women getting abortions because the baby is a girl and they want a boy is increasing. It is well known in India and China where male babies are prized over girls, especially with the one/two child rule in China. Since they are only allowed one or two, they prefer a boy, and will often abort girl babies. However, we are now seeing an unprecedented growth in the practice of aborting girls due to preference for boys in Eastern Europe. Doctors in the U.S. and Britain are also reporting a growing number of girls being aborted due to a preference for boys. Hillary Clinton, on a trip to China, praised them for making abortion available for women there, ignoring the fact that many women are forced to abort a second or third child against their will under the one/two child rule and many will voluntarily abort girls if they come first and try for a boy. While those supporting abortion say their opponents are against women, their own policies amount to a war against girls (future women).



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