Eleventh Sunday of Pentecost-July 29

26 Jul

Neighborhood VBS Many churches have large Vacation Bible Schools in their church but often only those from church come. Usually there are only a few visitors unless the church makes a great effort to reach those in the immediate area of the church. Kids can not come without transportation and often parents are busy or not interested. In addition, churches often have difficulty getting enough volunteers to staff it. By having small neighborhood VBS at homes of members, it enables members to reach the children in their neighborhood. More children can attend because they don’t need transportation. Since they can walk to it, their parents don’t have to take them. It also requires a lot less volunteer staff. The church member hosts it and can help with it and those who feel called to teach can do several VBS sessions on different weeks in different areas.

Members get to know their neighbors as they hand out invitations. In addition, children may want to attend your church where they can do more fun things and parents are much more willing to attend your church since they know one of their neighbors attends and there will be activities that the kids will enjoy.


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