26 Jul

Many of those I found on Skid Row were elderly men who could no longer work but got no pension and little Social Security, if any. Some were the familiar “bag ladies”, widows who received little pension from their husbands, if any. One was a former businessman who told us drink had destroyed his job, his family, and eventually his life. Outside Skid Row, slums consisted of Blacks who inhabited run down inner city houses and apartments while poor Whites often lived in areas surrounding former industrial plants in industrial slums, decaying remnants of housing for the plant’s former workers. In rural areas, the working poor, like my family, often lived in small trailers in the trailer camps, hidden away in rural areas or on the edge of town. Fathers were often out searching for jobs and when word came that someone was hiring, those not working would hitch their trailer to their car or truck and head for where the jobs were. Migrant families, consisting of Blacks, poor Whites, and Hispanics who followed the planting of crops north in the Spring and worked their way back South following the harvest in the Fall.



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