26 Jul

The Supreme Court ruled that unions can no longer force government workers to pay dues even though they don’t support the union yet lower courts, packed with judges appointed by President Obama routinely ignore the Supreme Court rulings and the ruling does not apply to non-government employees who work fork union shops. Republicans in Congress are pushing the 2018 National Right to Work Act (House bill-HR-785 & Senate bill S-545) which would allow workers to get government jobs and jobs in union controlled companies without being forced to pay union dues to support candidates and causes they don’t believe in. Union bosses are already cranking up their lobbying machine to intimidate members of Congress into shying away from the National Right to Work Act and are cranking up their propaganda machine to create support for pro-union candidates. Both are supported by forced union dues. That is why it is vitally important for voters to study their candidate’s stand on the union issue and elect Congressmen who support your right to work. The unions say they have millions of votes supporting forced union dues but many of their members oppose it but must support it to keep their jobs. That is why it’s vital you keep up the pressure on your representatives to force a roll call vote in Congress on the National Right to Work Act.



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