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the Final Harvest-A

08 Sep

Rosh Hosanna will arrive on the evening of Sept 18th, 2020. Many today ignore Rosh Hosanna as one of those traditions of the Jews that has passed away but God said it was one of the celebrations which were to be celebrated forever. As we look to the coming of Rosh Hosanna, those of us who have studied the Bible and believe it look at it coming with fear and hope. We look at it with fear because a large part of the church no longer keeps the Word of the Lord. While they proclaim the Bible as God’s Word, they ignore those parts of it that they don’t agree with. Many churches today are Christian in name only for they do not teach the Word of God or live it out in their life. Many feel they are Christians but are not because they have never been taught what it means to be Christian and are not walking with God. Many churches will meet on Sunday morning after Christ comes and wonder why they are still here. Many preachers will stand in the pulpit and try to explain to them why they were left behind but it will all be in vain. We look forward with hope because one year on that day, those who are in Christ will rise to be with him in the air. Just as the Jews prayed on Passover that Elisha would come to share the feast with them, we Christians should pray that Christ will come that we might share the marriage feast of the Lamb with Him.


Christ the King Sunday-B

25 Nov

Though Christ the King Sunday sometimes falls on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, it is proper that it be celebrated before Thanksgiving, since God has ordained that one day He will come to earth again to take his followers home and then He will hold a marriage supper to celebrate His marriage to His bride (the Church) Though many argue whether Christ will return before the tribulation, during the tribulation, or after the tribulation, God has spelled out the sequence of the last days. (The coming of Christ (Rosh Hosanna)followed by the time of tribulation, and finally the final judgment (Yom Kippor) and the end of the age, followed by the marriage Supper of the Lamb (Succoth) which we shall celebrate in heaven). The celebration of Rosh Hosanna closes with the feast of Succoth, which celebrates the completion of the final harvest, just as Thanksgiving celebrates the completion of final harvest. We will sit with Jesus in the marriage feast of the Lamb (symbolized by Succoth) celebrating the marriage of the church with Christ. That will be one great Thanksgiving feast with all the saints gathered before Christ. Just as the Jews celebrated Succoth to celebrate the completion of the harvest and remember the days they wandered in the wilderness, we celebrate Thanksgiving to remind us how God preserved the early colonists through great tribulation, but one day we will celebrate in heaven how God preserved the saints through their tribulation and the fact that His harvest of souls is complete. Since God fulfilled the Passover and Pentecost exactly as He ordained them, I have no doubt that He will do the same with Rosh Hosanna. Christ the King Sunday is the last Sunday of the Christian calendar and celebrates what will one day begin the last days of the human race, when Christ ushers in the new heaven and the new earth which Christ and His followers shall rule and from which Satan and all who follow him will be forever banished.


Christ the King Sunday-Nov 24-A

25 Nov

While Thanksgiving is not a universal Christian holiday, it is a good opportunity to remind ourselves and teach our kids about the Second Coming. Christ the King Sunday follows the final Sunday of Kingdomtide. While the third and final holiday, which God commanded the Jews to observe occurs in late September or early October on our calendar, our harvest season is later and occurs in November. As a result, we celebrate it in connection with our harvest as Christ the King Day, the celebration of the Second coming of Christ. It is celebrated the last Sunday before Advent and so usually occurs the Sunday before Thanksgiving, though it occasionally occurs the Sunday after due to a distortion in the Roman calendar. Most Christians no longer celebrate it and take little thought of Christ’s return. The Bible states that the trumpet will sound and true believers will be caught up in the air with Christ. Since we don’t know when Christ will come again, it is important for us to be ready or we will be left behind. Non-believers however, will remain on earth and go through the days of tribulation where they will have a final chance to repent. At the end of the days of tribulation, the final harvest will be complete and God will close the books forever. (See “Before Your Eyes” in “Understanding the Path We Walk” for more on the holidays)


Yom Kippur-B

03 Oct

Christians have ignored Rosh Hosanna and Yom Kippur because they refer to the end times. Many Christians assume that believers will be caught up to be with Christ when the trumpet sounds and only unbelievers will go through the Tribulation. However, believers must be ready as Jesus states in the parable of the virgins and the marriage feast, and they must be serving Him as Jesus states in the parable of the sheep and the goats, or they will not rise with Christ and will have to face the Tribulation. In addition, there are many non-Christians who will face the Tribulation if we don’t reach them for Christ. Therefore, it is very important for Christians to continue to be reminded of the Second Coming. (see “Before Your Eyes” in “Understanding the Path We Walk” for further explanation)


Yom Kippur-Oct-8-A

03 Oct

Like Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur falls during Kingdomtide and is an important Jewish holiday in which God commands every Jew to participate but is largely forgotten by Christians. After the seven days following Rosh Hashanah in which the Jews are to settle their differences and repent from sin, the Jews spend 24 hours in prayer. Formerly, the High Priest entered the Holy of Holies to offer a sacrifice and intercede for Israel, however since Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, was slain for our sins, the temple sacrifice is no longer necessary. Therefore, God allowed the temple to be destroyed after Jesus death and resurrection, making further sacrifice impossible. On Yom Kippur, the books opened on Rosh Hosannah are sealed, yet Jews have no assurance that their deeds are adequate. We are not justified by works and can not walk in sin and atone for it in a few days of repentance. Since the destruction of the temple, the priests have watered down the importance of the sacrifice, but the Bible says there is no remission of sins without the shedding of blood.


Rosh Hosanna-B

19 Sep

After the first day when good people are rewarded. The rest have ten days to repent. This is the celebration of the final harvest, which occurs in the Fall. This parallels Revelation where the trumpet sounds, Jesus returns and collects His chosen people, and then begins the tribulation where the rest will have one final chance to repent before the close of the final harvest of the elect. This celebration has not been fulfilled but whenever it is, it will probably occur on Rosh Hosanna. Never-the-less, we need to be ready every day because we never know when we will pass out of this world into the next and seal our fate for eternity. (For more on the holidays, see “Before Your Eyes” in “Understanding the Path We Walk”)


Rosh Hosanna-A Sept 29

19 Sep

A Rosh Hashanah is the third celebration that God commanded every Jew to participate in and like Passover and Pentecost, it foretells coming events. It is determined by the Jewish calendar and usually occurs in our September or early October and celebrates the Jewish New Year. Though it is an important Jewish holiday, it is practically forgotten in Christian circles today. Originally the beginning of the Jewish calendar, it was replaced by Passover as the beginning of the Jewish year when the Israelites fled Egypt and God told them to count the days from the day they left Egypt. Rosh Hosanna is thought to be the day the universe was created and foretells the day that Christ will return and restore the world. It begins with the sound of the trumpet and God opens the books and rewards the good. It predicts the Final Days when the trumpet shall sound, God will open the books, and those in Christ shall rise to meet Him in the air.